Dr. Laxminarayan Pandey

Past President

Position Held    

  • 1953-62    Member, Municipal Committee, Jaora
  • 1962-64    Member, Public Accounts Committee, Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly
  • 1962-67    Member, Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly
  • 1963-67    Whip, Bharatiya Jana Sangh (B.J.S.) Legislature Party, Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembl
        Member, Planning Advisory Committee, Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembl
        Member, Advisory Committee on Labour, Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly
  • 1971    Elected to 5th Lok Sabha
  • 1972-73    Member, Committee on Public Accounts
  • 1972-78    General-Secretary, B.J.S., Madhya Pradesh
  • 1974-75    Member, Rules Committee
        Member, Delimitation Commission for Parliamentary and Assembly Constituencies
        Convenor, Second Parliamentary Sub-Committee on Official Language
  • 1975-76    Whip, B.J.S. Parliamentary Party, Lok Sabha
  • 1977    Re-elected to 6th Lok Sabha (2nd term)
  • 1978-79    General-Secretary, Janata Party
        Chairman-House Committe,  Member-Committee on Public Accounts, Member-Committee on Petitions
  • 1989    Re-elected to 9th Lok Sabha (3rd term)
  • 1989-91    Whip, B.J.P. Parliamentary Party, Lok Sabha
  • 1991    Re-elected to 10th Lok Sabha (4th term)
  • 1991-92    Member, Business Advisory Committee
  • 1991-93    Member, General Purposes Committee
  • 1991-95    Chief Whip, B.J.P. Parliamentary Party, Lok Sabha
  • 1992-94    Chairman, Committee on Government Assurances
    Member, Committee on Defenc, Member, Committee on Agriculture, Member, Committee on Food
    Member, Hindi Advisory Committee
  • 1993    President, B.J.P., Madhya Pradesh
  • 1996    Re-elected to 11th Lok Sabha (5th term)
  • 1996-97    Member, Consultative Committee on Petroleum and Chemicals, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas
  • 1998    Re-elected to 12th Lok Sabha (6th term)
        General-Secretary, B.J.P. Parliamentary Party, Lok Sabha
  • 1998-99    Member, Panel of Chairme
        Member, General Purposes Committi , Member, Committee on Railway, Member, Committee on Official Languag
        Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers
  • 1999    Re-elected to 13th Lok Sabha (7th term)
        Member, Panel of Chairmen
  • 1999-2000    Chairman, Committee on Defence
  • 1999-2004    Member, General Purposes Committee
  • 2000-2004    Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas
  • 2002    Member, Committee on Rural Development
  • 2003-2004    Member, Committee on Commerce
     Member, Committee on Defence
  • 2004    Re-elected to 14 Lok Sabha( 8th term)
  • Member, Panel of Chairmen
  • Chairman, Committee on External Affairs
  • Member, General Purposes Committee
       Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Communications
        Convenor, 2nd Sub Committee on Official Language Committee
  • 5 Aug. 2007 onwards    Chairman, Standing Committee on External Affairs

Other Information

Participated in the Freedom Struggle and Goa Liberation Movement; imprisoned for participation in farmers’ and workers’ movement and also for 19 months during Emergency; President, (i) Central Cooperative Bank, Ratlam, 1977-80; (ii) Land Development Bank, Ratlam, 1977-80; and (iii) Geeta Bhawan Trust, Jaora, Distt. Ratlam; Chairman, (i ) Madhya Pradesh Parliamantary Cell, 2003-2004; and (ii) Venu Gopal Girls Higher Secondary School; Vice-President, Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh, 1963-64; Vice-Chairman,( i) Committee on Official Language 2000-2004; and (ii) Institute of Constitutional and Parliamentary Studies, 1974-75; Convenor and Leader, First Committee of Raj Bhasha Samiti; Member, (i) District Advisory Committee, Ratlam; (ii) Senate, Vikram University, Ujjain, 1964-67; and (iii) Western Railways Guards Council, 1973-74